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Vantedge Solutions, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the collision repair industry with a robust computer software for managing your business. We used our experience in the industry to develop a collision repair center management system for real people in the real world.

Vantedge Solutions, Inc. is a collaboration of Collision Repair industry professionals and IT professionals. Who together have developed an easy to use comprehensive Body Shop Management System.

John Conlon, President and CEO of Vantedge Solutions, Inc., has been in the collision repair industry since 1986 and is a multi-shop owner where the Vantedge system has been fully operational since 2002.

Today, most successful shops are using some type of Management Software to assist in running their business. We believe these systems make success easier to attain.

Specialty software is also available for scheduling production, scheduling appointments, managing parts, internal messaging, timekeeping, bookkeeping, payroll reporting, misc. estimate writing, or customer tracking...etc. There are many to choose from.

Vantedge is Different
We feel that a management system should include all those parts that companies are making good money selling separately. And more importantly, we feel that the software should not just simply have all the right specialty pieces, but, that they should work as one program, with the Right Theme. We believe that "Theme" includes being: Simple, Practical, Inclusive, and above all else, that ... it Must Make Sense to THE BODY SHOP!

Vantedge is the Body Shop Management Software that meets those expectations.

For more information on Vantedge Body Shop Management Software, including a free trial version of the software, contact our sales staff at today.



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